Shuttle operators require efficiency in order to maximize profitability.

Maximize your revenue potential with the ability to map out routes, fill seats and meet passenger demands.

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Reservation Technology for Shared Ride Airport Shuttle OperatorsThe unique challenge of an Airport Shuttle operator is that they need to find the most efficient way to combine different passengers, with separate reservations traveling from the same geographic area, at about the same time, with the same or similar desired destination. While this may be a simple concept, delivering a stable and robust system that meets these needs is anything but simple. Hudson’s suite of applications was constructed from the ground up to serve the unique needs of Airport Shuttle providers. The Hudson Ground Transportation System allows airport shuttle operators to easily manage travelers going to and from the airport via shared ride services. HGTS is the only fully functional shared ride software application currently available to the ground transportation industry.

Shared Ride Shuttle Service

Shared ride maximizes efficiency and revenue for your transportation business. People who are traveling to / from the airport from the same geographic area and at the same time, are combined into a single vehicle with other travelers. Most airport shuttle software solutions fall woefully short when managing this challenging type of business. Hudson airport shuttle reservation and dispatching applications make this not only easy, but can even automate the process for you, saving you time while increasing your revenue!

If your efficiency hinges on the ability of a dispatcher or fleet controller to know the locations of various cities and towns, then you will love the technologies inherent in HGTS! When looking at a list of shared ride airport shuttle reservations for a day, your staff can see on a map the pickup locations (or ultimate destinations) for each passenger giving them the ability to easily and quickly identify optimal routing combinations.

Perhaps your shuttles are on a predictable time schedule. HGTS allows you to easily market your service and sell seats to your passengers while preventing overbooking. Notifications can be automatically generated when vehicles are nearing capacity allowing you to deploy additional vehicles only when needed to address fluctuations in volume during peak travel times.

Hudson’s HGTS Web Reservations Manager records over 2 million online reservations for its clients every year! Your passengers visit your website and can view rates and book online airport shuttle reservations any time, from any device, anywhere in the world! It's easy, fast, secure, and convenient.

Complex rates, multiple airports, discounts, taxes, fees, surcharges, coupons, boarding passes, loyalty programs and vouchers. Whatever your needs or business model, the Hudson system can be configured to meet your operational requirements while introducing operational efficiencies that help reduce your overhead.

With integrated automatic credit card processing, payroll, invoicing, receivables management as well as employee / driver time and shift management tools, your Hudson system monitors your expenses and your revenue ensuring you can see and protect your bottom line, each and every day. A robust menu of administrative and accounting reports lets you document every aspect of your business, helping you to make correct and quick decisions about how to best manage your business for both the short and long term.

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